Compost Wizard Dual Insulated Composter
Compost Wizard Dual Insulated Composter

Compost Wizard Dual Insulated Composter

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The Compost Wizard Insulated Composter Double is the premier compost bin on the market.  We've spent decades mastering the compost tumbler design and this one is by far our greatest bin yet.  Each Insulated tumbler features ten foam-filled panels that lock together using clever, overlapping geometry and long metal pins instead of several fasteners.  This creates a much stronger connection with minimal assembly time.  The bin then mounts along a low friction stand that will hold up to high winds and weather.  The stand is raised off the ground so it allows plenty of room for large wheelbarrows or garden carts to roll up underneath.  The bin is made using black, recycled polyethylene that is FDA approved for contact with edibles.  And it is spacious at 108 total gallons (14.4 cubic feet), allowing lots of room to build up your compost batches.  And because there are two, you don't have to worry about stopping.  When one side is full, start filling the other one and you'll constantly be making compost.  The insulated walls and black exterior will help get your temperatures into the optimal range for much faster breakdown and processing.  Unlike other insulated composters, our panels are sealed so there's virtual zero exposure to the foam inside.  We use a special polyurethane foam that's inert and isn't coated in harmful chemicals like other industry foams.  Within as little as 3-5 weeks, you'll have fresh, earthy compost for your lawn, garden or plants.  And it's easy to access, just open the hatch and dump it straight into your wheelbarrow below.  No fussing with shovels or trowels.  Just dump and go.  We've also added four easy-to-grab handles that make turning a breeze.  If you need compost quickly or live in cooler climates where you need to heat up your compost batches, the Compost Wizard Insulated Composter Double is right for you.

  • Two 7.2 cubic foot compost tumbler
  • Insulated walls help bring temperatures up to optimal composting levels
  • Rubber latch handles hold the massive opening closed and secure
  • Powder coated stand is rock solid and will hold up to high winds and weather
  • Tumbler is raised for easy access and convenient dumping into wheelbarrows
  • Each tumbler has four handles for easier turning
  • Fewer fasteners for faster assembly and sturdier construction
  • Compost year-round by keeping heat locked in
  • Get fresh compost in as little as 3-5 weeks
  • 1 year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
Product Specifications
Height 49.5"
Width 34.25"
Depth 46"
Weight 200 lbs.

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