6 Reasons Why an Insulated Composter is Better

6 Reasons to Use an Insulated Composter

In the summer months, composting is easy. Temperatures are high and there is a myriad of soft, green material that will break down easily. However, in the winter, the core temperature of compost can drop causing decomposition to stop completely.  

Benefits of Using an Insulated Composter

  1. Faster composting
  2. No unpleasant Odors
  3. Available in different designs
  4. No additions necessary to accelerate the rotting process
  5. Effective air circulation
  6. Permanent location - the compost no longer has to be turned over

These days you will find high-quality thermal composters in many gardens which guarantees much faster composting of kitchen and organic garden waste and at the same time can keep unwanted garden visitors such as raccoons and other creatures away.

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However, this is not the only reason why modern thermal composters are so popular. They offer even more advantages. This one in particular:

Composter, Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter sold at Green Living Supply

Aerobin 200 Insulated Composter

 Colors: Green or Grey  $399.98 FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

  • Double-wall filled with polystyrene for year-round compost production
  • Incl. patented "lung" system, 2 gal reservoir (makes leachate - dilute to make "compost tea").
  • Absolutely no turning required - drop in at the top - later remove through bottom side doors.
  • (Similar capacity as 2x 110-gallon composters) - 
  • NEW: grey color
  • 55 gal.

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