Adirondack Chairs: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever wondered why Adirondack Chairs are so popular?  

The armrests are usually flat, wide boards, perpendicular to the front legs. Thanks to its sloped seat, the Adirondack chair is designed for lounging and napping.

Today, it embodies comfort and is often the symbol used to convey thoughts of 'vacation,' simplicity' and 'peacefulness.

Why do they call them Adirondack Chairs?

The design that we know today was named after the Adirondack mountain range in New York, possibly because this style of chair was prevalent in the health spas created for tuberculosis patients who came to the mountains for fresh air.

the original design was the Westport plank chair, named after the city in New York where the design was created. 

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Hanover All-Weather Adirondack Chair w/ Attached Ottoman - Tangerine

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Hanover All-Weather Adirondack Chair - Slate Gray

Are Adirondack Chairs Worth the Money?

Los Angeles interior designer John Linden adds that Adirondack chairs are often more comfortable than other types of lawn chairs because of their contoured design, making them easier to recline in, as well as allowing for the use of extra cushions and pillows.

Hanover All-Weather Adirondack Rocking Chair - White


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