Best Selling Organic Waste Recycling Products

What is Organic Waste?

Organic waste is anything that was once alive. While food waste covers what we eat, organic waste casts a wider net.  (According to an article about Organic Recycling in Rubicon) 

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Organic waste includes:

  •     Fruits
  •     Vegetables
  •     Bakery items
  •     Meat, poultry, and seafood (including bones and shells)
  •     Eggs and paper egg cartons
  •     Dairy products
  •     Coffee grounds (including paper filters)
  •     Tea bags
  •     Food-soiled paper products

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Unfortunately, most of the organic waste items listed above end up in landfills. When organic waste is put in landfills, the bacteria that break down the waste creates methane. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas. When we divert organic waste brought to landfills, we put useful things to better use and reduce methane emissions.

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