Finger Lime Tree: The Caviar Of Citrus

Finger limes are slowly being introduced into the culinary world, but quickly becoming chefs’ favorites.

Finger limes are described as citrus caviar because the texture of the pulp resembles caviar. The pulp contains small round vesicles filled with juice that provide a burst of refreshing acidity and flavor with every bite. Growing a finger lime tree is incredibly easy and the fruit can be stored in the freezer to be enjoyed any time of the year.

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The juicy pearls of finger lime fruit can be used as a garnish on an endless amount of dishes and desserts. They pair particularly well with seafood but can be added to cocktails and desserts. It is an excellent substitute for lime juice and in some cases a better option. Using finger limes in tacos and fruit salad adds the delicious lime flavor without making your tortilla soggy or the fruit salad watery. If you are a fan of tangy flavor, you can even eat these on their own.


Most finger limes are not very large, but they’re packed with flavor. Source: RBerteig

Most finger limes are not very large, but they’re packed with flavor. Source: RBerteig

Finger lime trees can be incorporated into almost any space. They are low maintenance and thrive in the heat, but will need protection from frost. Luckily, they grow well in containers so bringing them indoors during the winter is a great option for cooler climates. Finding a finger lime tree may be your biggest challenge. They are seldom found in stores, but there are a handful of online retailers that can ship directly to your home.

Article courtesy of Epic Gardening

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