Fire Pits + Food: Host the Perfect Party

Are you ready to host the perfect fire pit party? 

As the pandemic continues to effect our everyday lives, many are looking for new and safe ways to gather together.  Being outdoors is the less risky option when it comes to entertaining at home and many of us have become creative in our backyards.

Fire pit gatherings have become extremely popular all over the country. In addition to getting lots of fresh air and warmth, we tend to love fire pits because they give us ample space to social distance.

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Equipment for The Perfect Fire Pit Party

There are many different fire pits to choose from.  Some come as a group set with outdoor furniture.

There are so many great options.


Tips for The Perfect Fire Pit Party

A successful party requires a little extra time focusing on these specific details to ensure everyone feels comfortable and safe your your fire pit event.

  • Be sure seating is spaced out around the fire pit. Your guests may want to bring picnic blankets or lawn chairs.
  • If you want to be extra cautious ask guests to wear masks or provide disposable ones for those that would feel more comfortable wearing them.
  • Set hand sanitizer or hand sanitizing wipes near the fire pit for guests.

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The Perfect Fire Pit Party Food

Every get together needs food but that is a challenge in our “new-normal”. Secret Ingredient has some unique treats that will inspire you to schedule a fire pit party this winter. Be sure to serve your food on individual plates to ensure Covid safety. 

Savory Treats

Kebobs are the perfect food for a fire pit party. Each guests gets their own skewer and there are so many variations you can prepare.

  • One of Secret Ingredient’s favorites is Grilled Greek Beef Kabobs with tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers and onions. They are crazy juicy, exploding with flavor and a complete meal in one, not to mention an impressive crowd pleaser! They are easy to assemble, cut beef and vegetables to bite-size pieces and then alternate the ingredients onto the skewer and serve with creamy, heavenly Whipped Feta Tzatziki Dip. Beef Skewers
  • Thai Marinated Chicken Kabobs are so easy and full of flavor. They’re a little sweet and a little spicy!Chicken Kebobs

Sweet Treats

  • Dessert skewers are always a hit and something different than the traditional s’mores fire pit dessert. They are so easy to assemble. Grab some fruit and pound cake and cut everything into bite size pieces. Alternate cake and fruits just like a shish kabob and give it a nice slow roast.Perfect Fire Pit Party
  • Elevate the traditional s’mores by using Nutella, a peanut butter cup or favorite chocolate bar. Who said graham crackers were a staple? Substitute with the cookie of your choice. Or stick to the traditional graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate but add strawberries or bananas.
  • As you’re sitting around the fire, of course, we suggest sipping a cocktail. Add Bailey’s, Kahlua or Rum to your hot chocolate for a special treat. We love this Kahlua Hot Chocolate from Damn Delicious. Your guests might also enjoy warmed apple cider and Bourbon or an earthy red wine. Make any cocktails ahead of time and serve on a tray or have guests just bring along in an insulated thermos.Perfect Fire Pit Party

If the thought of providing food and drinks for your fire pit party is still overwhelming, simply ask guests to BYO. Everyone will be so thrilled to be together and really enjoy not spending another night on their couch binge-watching Netflix or Hulu. They'll be happy to put together their own food and drink.




Portions of this article are courtesy of Secret Ingredient by Chef Chris

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