Girl Grows TONS of Food in 6 ft Wide Alley | Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening: A vegetable garden that is being grown in a 6-foot wide alleyway that is about 50 feet long.  See how much food can be grown vertically in a small space.


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In this episode, John takes you to the garden of Wendiland in Los Angeles, California to show you how much food Wendi grows in a small alley. Hopefully, this episode gives you many DIY ideas about what you can grow in your small space garden using vertical gardening techniques so you can grow more food in your small space.

First, you will learn how Wendi is growing in many pots that can be moved and transported should she need to shift them into the sun or if she moves into a larger house or space. You will learn about the most productive fruit tree that Wendi planted in her front yard.

Next, you will get a tour of her Edible Alley where she grows hundreds of vegetables and other edible plants using many vertical gardening techniques including growing in containers, in raised beds, in vertical gardening systems, growing tall vegetables, growing climbing and vining vegetables, growing edible trees, and much, much more.

You will discover some of the more unique and rare vegetables that Wendi grows and how you can purchase healthy plant starts that you can order directly from her so you can grow the same vegetables that she grows in her small space.

Finally, John will interview Wendi and you will learn why she grows food in an alleyway and some of the vertical gardening techniques she uses to grow lots of food in a small amount of space. You will also discover how she can ship you some of her perennial vegetable plant starts so you can grow them in your climate. After watching this episode, you will learn some DIY tips and techniques to grow vegetables in small spaces using the latest vertical gardening ideas.





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