How To Create a Show Stopping Look on Your Patio

Create a show-stopping look in your indoor or outdoor space with sleek, clean, minimalist Tolga Modern Planters.

Best of All, It's ON SALE Now!

  • Large stylish planter creates an instant focal point for any design 

  • Create a centerpiece worthy of attention and admiration

  • Minimalist design perfectly complements contemporary and urban décor

  • Ideal for large, open spaces like lobbies and big patios to add sophistication and class


Tolga Modern Planters sold at Green Living Supply

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The Tolga rectangular planter comes in two sizes and is a versatile planter ideal for rooms, hotel lobbies and outside. It is an elegant and eye-catching statement piece, helping to give a wonderful first impression of a home or business. Conveying sophistication and modern style, guests and passersby will admire the class and glamor these rectangular planters add to your space.

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Its glossy and matte finishes make the Tolga Modern Planter a stylish addition to any open space including lobbies of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and foyers.

Tolga Modern Planters can be used as outdoor centerpieces for patios and decks or in a residential or commercial setting. You can style them as a stand-alone statement piece or combine several together to separate stage areas and add the finishing touches to your design.


The Tolga modern planter looks great and is built to last in both extreme heat and cold. 

Tolga rectangular planters are also durable enough to withstand lots of moving around and high levels of traffic in hotels and offices and still look great. In addition to the three-year warranty, we offer free shipping across the continental U.S. on the Tolga modern planter.


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