The Best Reusable Shopping Bags This Holiday Season

BagPodz is a very green and convenient new system for using and storing reusable bags. It's super compact and it's got enough bags included to cover a whole shopping trip's worth of groceries.

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Super simple to use - and reuse - and reuse...

  • All the reusable bags needed for an entire shopping trip in one compact and convenient 'pod'.

  • Never forget reusable bags at home again - small enough to keep stored away in your vehicle's glove box or under a seat so they're ready to use anytime.

  • Super easy to shop with. Takes up zero cart space while shopping.

  • Just clip to the shopping cart and go.

  • Bags come out one at a time - neatly and quickly - like peas from a pod.

  • The END of reusable bag clutter in the car, the kitchen pantry or the cart.

  • Bluesign® certified material that's low impact, eco-friendly and sustainably produced with stringent safety standards.

  • Water repellent bags contain any spills. Easy care - machine washable.


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BagPodz 10-Pack (Caribbean Blue) includes 10 reusable bags. Enough bags for more than a full cart's worth of groceries. Perfect portable size. Compact and convenient. 

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