The World’s First Vegan Violin Gets Vegan Society Trademark

Years of research into vegan-friendly alternatives has led to musician Padraigh O’Dubhlaoidh registering the world’s first Vegan Society Trademarked violin.

An Irish master violin maker has created a set of violins that are completely free from animal products, and they’ve become the first in the world to be registered with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark.

Launched just in time for Veganuary, the vegan version of the classic Italian instrument is a passion project of musician Padraig O’Dubhlaoidh.

vegan violin

Padraig is a long-standing campaigner for sustainable and ethical violin-making and when the pandemic hit in March 2020 he was inspired to create something positive in an uncertain world.

Padraig devoted his time at home in lockdown to consolidate years of research and managed to create a violin that is entirely free from animal products.

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While vegan strings and bows are also available they are not currently registered with the Vegan Trademark.

Ericka Durgahee, Marketing Manager at The Vegan Society, reacted to the news: “It’s incredibly exciting to have the world’s first vegan violin registered with the Vegan Trademark.

“This will be music to the ears of so many violinists who have longed for a high-quality instrument that is free from animal products.

“Every violin is also completely bespoke with the sound and feel tailored to the player’s individual style and preference. Padraig has done a fantastic job and we’re extremely proud of what he has produced.”

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