Unlock The Best Dog Spa Day Ever

Pamper your pooch with a special "at home" spa day

Most pet parents know that regular bathing helps keep canines clean and healthy. In today's world dogs are afforded a more luxurious experience at the groomers’, which oftentimes resemble spa treatments. 

Over time, pet parents have developed a preference for treating their pets to doggie spa days at home, complete with special skin-and-coat treatments, facial applications, ear cleaning, paw-conditioning products, and more according to Pet Business writer Dorothy Crouch

"When shopping for products to ensure proper skin health, coat nourishment, and hygiene, consumers will invest in products that their pets will enjoy and benefit from long after the spa day is finished," says Crouch. 




The Groom-Pro Pet Tub™ is a Grooming Station that can be used to keep your pet clean and…well groomed. Small enough to ship with small parcel carriers yet large enough to accommodate most domestic pets.

When opened, the lid acts as a splash guard to keep water in the basin area and the door can be reversed to act as a small step stool for smaller animals.

Deep accessory pockets keep cleaning products close at hand and secured against even the wappiest tail.

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Dog Spa Day, Groom, pro pet tub sold at Green Living Supply

There's also a leash hook* that can be used to keep pets secured in the basin area.

The drain is a soft plastic mesh that will filter hair and can be cleaned with ease.

Underneath, there's a standard thread mount to attach a 3/4" hose thread. Close the lid, secure the door, and the tub turns into a raised platform to easily inspect or groom.

Setting up the Grooming Station requires no tools and can be completed in just a few minutes. The plastic construction is easy on paws and can be cleaned easily.

The Groom-Pro Pet Tub™ is great for home use, professional groomers and veterinarians. *Use caution when attaching or using pets with the Groom-Pro Pet Tub™.


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