What Happens if My Christmas Package is Stolen?

Finding a Safe and Secure Alternative to Leaving Packages on Your Door Step

These days, people are doing more shopping online.  Unfortunately, increased online buying has also led to an increase in package theft.

When a delivery sits at a doorstep, it is easy for a "porch pirate" to swoop in and take the package. It takes just a moment to approach your door and grab a box. Just like that, your package is gone.

What Can You Do If Your Packages Has Been Stolen

Amazon offers this information if you think your package has been stolen:

First, make sure that a theft occurred. Verify your shipping address with the appropriate delivery company. Suppose you told FedEx even a slightly different address when filling out your shipping information. In that case, your order could have innocently ended up at someone else's house.

Next, check whether your order is delivered. During the holidays, deliveries can always slow down. Due to operational changes, the USPS may be running slowly this year. Look for a notice of attempted delivery at or around your doorstep. Then check the appropriate website to see if your package is delivered.

The tracking options offered by various shipping services can be beneficial in determining whether your package has arrived.

If the package is marked as dropped off, check for other places where it could have disappeared. Might it have fallen off your front porch or be hidden behind a plant or chair?

Alternately, could a family member or neighbor have picked it up?

If none of this works, don't give up hope. Just wait a little while. Confusingly, some shipping carriers are known to report packages delivered up to 36 hours before their actual delivery.

After the 36 hours, though, the time for action has come. File a report with the appropriate shipping service. You should also file a report with the website where you ordered the package. While you are not guaranteed to have your package reimbursed or replaced, it never hurts to try. Here are some potentially useful links.

If you have a porch camera or video doorbell, check the footage. If you managed to catch the porch pirate in action, you could share the footage with the local police department and your neighbors to help catch the thief and protect others.

If the stolen package is one that you have sent to someone else, most of the same steps apply. Double-check what carrier you used and use the appropriate tracking service (USPS Tracking, UPS Tracking, FedEx tracking, etc.). If the parcel seems to be missing, make a missing package claim.

You can also share information from this article with the would-be recipient. Still, as the purchaser, there may be parts of the system that are easier for you to navigate (especially if you're still trying to keep the gift a secret).

Package Drop Box

If you are looking for a safe and secure way to receive packages, consider investing in a parcel box.  Parcel Wirx offers:

  • Secure parcel chute in drop box version
  • 3-way locking system Ideal for online shopping
  • Re-settable combination lock Includes hardware to secure to the ground or wall
  • 16.75"W x 20.75"D x 35.5"T Less

Parcel Wirx Drop Box with Lockable Hatch sold at Green Living Supply.


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