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Vego Garden was founded with the goal of launching a modular metal Vego garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, utilizing eco-friendly metal materials instead of cutting down trees.

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They emphasize innovative design and high quality with our products. The name Vego carries the spirit of DIY modular raised beds suitable for growing vegetables.

Vego Garden gained great popularity right after its launch and is now the leading brand in raised garden beds. Raised garden beds have become popular amongst both novice and experienced gardeners alike due to their functionality and form. Our raised garden beds help you utilize the space you have available efficiently, providing a fulfilling experience for every gardener. 

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Besides the standard kits, Vego Garden also provides extension kits with individual panels for customers to uniquely customize their garden space. Because of the affordable pricing and longevity, Vego Garden is the most cost-efficient way to build DIY garden beds. At only $0.4/ft per year in comparison to wooden beds that cost $3/ft per year and up, there is definitely an opportunity for savings.

Since day one, Vego Garden has sponsored many non-profit farms across the country by providing them with free raised garden beds. Farmers are known as the backbone of the economy and are often underappreciated for their hard work. We hope our small contribution can fill the world with love and make our planet green.

Go, Go, Vego! 


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